How to Create, Add and Display RSS Feeds on your Joomla! 3.1 Website


Joomla! 3.1 comes with a built-in Newsfeed component that allows you to show RSS feeds on your website. This can be used as a good way to keep yourself, and your visitors up-to-date with the latest happenings and news stories in your industry, and helps readers see updates without having to leave your site to do so. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create, add and display your very own newsfeed and enhance your website in the process.

Creating a newsfeed category

Before you add a Newsfeed to your website, you will first need a category (or categories if you want more than one). By default, Joomla! will categorize everything under Uncategorized, which is not great for organization, so it’s always best to have a set category or two to keep things manageable.

To create a Newsfeed category, you will need to go to your Joomla! dashboard and select Components > Newsfeeds > Categories. From here, click on New and enter the details of the new category (i.e. Cars) and click on Save. This will mean that every RSS feed related to cars will now be assigned to the Cars category.

Adding a Newsfeed

Okay, with a category in place we can now set about adding an RSS feed. To do this go to Components > Newsfeeds > Feeds and click on New. Here you will need to enter the details of the new RSS feed including Title, Link, Category, and Description. The Title will be the name of the feed, for example, with Cars as a category you may choose to receive news from Auto Week, so the Title would be Auto Week. The name of the Link would be (if you use feedburner). The Category is Cars and the Description is whatever you want it to be.

Creating a Newsfeed menu item

If you want your readers to see your feeds, you are going to need to create a Newsfeed Menu Item so that you can link to them. Go to Menus > Add New Menu Item in your dashboard and then Menu Item Type > Newsfeeds.

You will then be presented with three options: List all News Feed Categories, List News Feeds in a Category and Single News Feed.

The first option – List all News Feed Categories – creates a page that displays all of your Newsfeed categories.  If you wish to use this option click on the option, choose the category to select all Newsfeeds within next to where it says Select a Top Level Category. Next, create a Menu Title and click on Save.

The List News Feeds in a Category option allows you to select a specific category and will display all of the RSS feeds associated with that category. To enable this option select List News Feeds in a Category, and enter your chosen category next to where it says Category. Once again, enter a Menu Title and click on Save.

The final option is Single News Feed, which will allow you to select a specific RSS feed. To use this option select Single News Feed and choose your feed from the list shown in Feed > Select. Create a Menu Title and click on Save.

With the changes in place, go to the front end of your site and refresh. Your selected Newsfeed will now be displayed for you and your visitors to enjoy.

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