How to Crop Images in WordPress


Almost all WordPress blogs have images inserted into them.  This is because research has shown that blog posts with pictures, videos, and other types of media are much more likely to get views and shares than those that are composed of text only.  However, cropping images in WordPress does take a little bit of explanation because it is not immediately clear how to do it.  This WordPress tutorial will show you how to crop images down to only what you want to show.

Why Crop Images

Why crop images?  Is some cases, there’s extraneous space in the image that you don’t want to show – for example, if you’re posting about one specific product and the image you have shows three or four images, you’ll want to crop out the ones you don’t want.

You may also want to crop an image if you want to remove other background noise or if what you want to focus on is fairly small.  Cropping out large parts of the background or zooming in so that one small part of the image is now the entire frame makes it easier for the reader to tell what the image is about.

Step-by-Step Instruction

The first step is to insert an image into your blog post.  This is done by clicking on Add Media, selecting the photo you want, setting its size and other attributes, and then inserting it.  You can place the image anywhere you want in the post.

Next, click on the image to select it.  You should see two buttons appear in the upper left corner. The first one is a pencil, while the second is an X.  The X will delete the image, while the pencil opens the edit page.  Click on the pencil.

You will now see the image details, which allow you to change the caption, alternative text, and more.  Under the small thumbnail of the image, you will see two buttons: Edit Original and Replace.  Click on Edit Original.

You’ll now see a full version of the image in the image editor.  There are several buttons here, including crop, rotate, and stretch.  Crop is the first button and looks like two right angles that intersect.

Before clicking this button, however, you first select the part of the image you want.  Note that this is different from the other edit commands – every other option here requires clicking the button first.

Click somewhere on the image and then drag, creating a box around a part of the image.  You can then adjust the size of the box by clicking on the small squares at the four corners and in the middle of each side.

Once you have adjusted the selected area, click on the Crop button to remove everything outside of the selection box.

If the image looks correct, click on the Save button.  Make certain you do – otherwise, your edits will be discarded.

Note that the cropping you have done will not change the original photo saved on your computer.  It will only change the image uploaded to WordPress and inserted into the post.

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