How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard


When you access your WordPress admin panel, the first thing you are presented with is the dashboard, which consists of various snippets of information at-a-glance so that you do not have to click through to various pages to access it. The dashboard is there to make it just that little bit easier for you to run your website. By default, the WordPress dashboard will show new comments, the latest news from the WordPress community and a section to create draft posts. However, it is possible to customize the format to better suit your requirements.

Changing the Dashboard Information

To customize the dashboard so that it provides information that is more to your liking, click on the link for Screen Options in the top right of the dashboard. This opens up an expandable panel that lets you check different blocks of info that you want to show or hide.

Once you chosen the blocks that you want to display, you can then move them around the screen using the drag-and-drop method. The gadgets that are available to display on the dashboard can differ depending on which plugins you have installed. For example, WooCommerce has its own set of dashboard gadgets, such as Recent Orders and Monthly Sales, which can be displayed.

Changing the Admin Panel Color Scheme

One of the features introduced on WordPress 3.8 is the ability to change the color of the admin panel. There are now six different color schemes to choose from and every author can set their own.

To change the color of the admin panel, go to Users > All Users and click on Edit beneath your username (the link will appear when you hover over the name).

In the Profile page, you will see an Admin Color Scheme section; simply click on the radio button next to the one you want and you’re all done. Every time you now login to your site your chosen color scheme will be displayed and likewise for any other users.

Restoring the Old Admin Panel

If you are not quite taken by the new admin area introduced in WordPress 3.8, you may wish to restore the old familiar set-up. This is not possible as a default option; however, there is a plugin called wp-admin classic that will do it for you. Go to Plugins > Add New and enter ‘wp-admin classic’ in the search field. Install the plugin and then activate it. Once this is done your WordPress admin area will look exactly like it used to before the latest update.

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