How to Embed a Module into an Article – Joomla! 3.0


When using Joomla!, there may come a time when you wish to place a module inside a content item. You may wish to do this for aesthetic purposes, or as a timesaver to prevent you from having to write out a specific piece of text on each page.

Placing a module within an article is a commonly done thing; however, in the past it has been quite a laborious one, requiring the searching and installing of a plugin that would allow you to carry out the task. In Joomla! 3.0, things are a lot easier, as this tutorial is about to prove.

Enable the Load Module Plugin

The Load Module Plugin is one of the core features of Joomla! 3.0 and takes a lot of the work out of embedding a module into an article.

To place a module inside an article, the first thing you will need to do is enable the Load Module Plugin. To do this, log in to the backend of your website (, go to Extensions > Plug-in Manager, and check that the “Content-Load Module” is enabled – active plugins will show a green tick; if this one does not, simply check the box to the left of it and select “Enable” from the toolbar.

Module set up

Once the “Content-Load Module” is enabled, you can set about configuring the module that you would like to embed in your content.

Under “Details” in Module Manager, you should ensure that the “Published” option is selected. Next, you will be required to select a position for the module. It is important here that you do not select a position option from the drop down menu. Instead, you need to set the position so that it does not conflict with those that already exist, so type in a position of your own (i.e. articleposition).

Save your work so far and select the “Menu Assignment” option. Here you should ensure that Module Assignment is set to “Only on the pages selected” and check the necessary pages. Once again, save your work.

Embedding the module within an article

With the module ready to use, the next step is to place it within an article. To do this find an article in Article Manager (Quick Icons), check the box and select “Edit” from the toolbar.

Choose where you wish to place the module and type:

{loadposition articleposition}

Where “articleposition” is written, you can replace with whatever text you used to name the position of your module. Once this is done, click on “Save & Close.”

You can then go to the front end of your website, locate the article and see your module placed exactly where you intended it to be.

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