How to Enhance Images on Your WordPress Site


With so many different websites to search when looking for information, users have little time or patience for poor quality sites that load slowly. While it is true that images can be beneficial to websites, it is also true that they can hamper a site if they are of poor quality and little relevance to the content of the site. It makes sense, therefore, to ensure that the images on your WordPress website are top quality or you may end up losing visitors who will be discouraged and will not want to stay on your site for more than they need to.

To that end, there are a number of plugins available that will help improve the quality of your images as well as optimize their performance on your site.

WP Smush Pro

With WP Smush Pro, it is possible to compress PNG, GIF, and JPEG images in bulk or separately. With the pro version, images of up to 5MB in size can be compressed; for those who do not want to spend money on the professional version, the free version allows image compression of up to 1MB file sizes.

CW Image Optimizer

One of the problems with having top quality images on a website is that they tend to be quite large, meaning that a lot of bandwidth is used to view them. This can make a page slow to load, frustrating website users at the same time. However, with CW Image Optimizer, images are optimized without losing any of their quality. And although the quality of the image will not change after it has been optimized, the file size will become smaller. This improves the speed of your website, making it more efficient and an enjoyable experience for your visitors.

SEO Friendly Images

To ensure your website images are SEO optimized, SEO Friendly Images is the plugin for you. This smart plugin will ensure that the images on your site are optimized for Google’s image search by adding Title and ALT attributes to them. This will help with SEO performance and will ensure posts are W3C/xHTML compliant as well.


Imsanity is a free WordPress plugin that resizes images automatically to improve their performance. With Imsanity, website owners can set maximum height, width and quality for their images, which will then be adjusted accordingly when added to posts or pages. Previously added images can also be resized in bulk with the bulk-resize feature. Another feature of this plugin is the ability to convert BMP files to JPG so that the image can be scaled. Once the plugin has been set up and enabled, there is nothing more for the user or contributor to do, as everything will be taken care of automatically.

PB Responsive Images

Most website owners prefer to have responsive images on their site, meaning these automatically adjust to the correct size depending on the browser and device being used by the visitor. This means that those visitors using mobile devices will still get the best view of your website’s images. PB Responsive Images does just this.

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