How to Find Out If a Website Is Built Using WordPress


WordPress is by far the most popular CMS on the market, powering almost 19% of the internet. If you are looking to build a new website, WordPress is the platform to do it on and there is no shortage of sites out there from which to take inspiration. Nevertheless, how are you supposed to tell if a site is using WordPress? In the past it was easy to identify a WordPress site from its generic header, footer and sidebar layout; however, today, such is the advancement of the CMS, it is virtually impossible – unless you know what to look for.

If you are interested in finding a specific theme, a given functionality, or are just curious as to whether a particular site is built on WordPress, here are some ways you can find out.

1. Check the source code

The source code of a website gives away many clues as to its build. To check the source code, simply right click on a webpage and select View page source. In the HTML look for any files that are being loaded from the /wp-content/ folder. The easiest way to find anything related to WordPress in the source code is to hold Ctrl+F and enter “WP” in the pop-up search bar.

2. Check the URL

Every WordPress site has an admin page that can be found by entering the website URL followed by /wp-admin/. If the site is built using WordPress, simply appending this term to the domain will take you to the login page. This method will not work every time though; some advanced WP users implement strong security measures to prevent the admin screen from being shown.

3. Finding the license file

Another URL tip is to add “license.txt” to the domain address to access the WordPress license file. Again, this method being successful will depend on the level of security, as some owners choose to remove or hide the file.

4. Use an online tool

One of the easiest ways to find out if a site is built with WordPress is to use an online checking tool. There are plenty of options available to use, the two best being and – both of which are free to use.

5. Install a browser plugin

Chrome Sniffer is a great browser add-on that will tell you instantly if a site is built using WordPress. The plugin is free to use and installs on your browser bar to automatically identify the CMS being used as you type in a URL. If Chrome Sniffer displays the WordPress logo on a particular domain, then you’ll know that you are on to a winner.

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