How to Handle Abandoned Checkouts in Shopify


As an online retailer, you are going to experience the occasional abandoned checkout. An abandoned checkout for a Shopify store owner is a lot like a consumer in a brick-and-mortar store bringing an entire shopping cart of products to the checkout line before turning and walking away. All of those products have to be returned to stock.

Abandoned checkouts can cause problems in Shopify if they are not dealt with. Those problems are minor, but they can be awfully inconvenient when you are trying to reconcile your numbers. If you are a Professional or Unlimited user of the platform, Shopify includes built-in tools to handle abandoned checkouts. If not, you will need to check the App store for tools you can use to reduce the number of abandoned checkouts.

A few of the more common apps are:

  • Kit Karts
  • MoonMail
  • Abandonment Protector
  • Jilt
  • Target Genius.

Contacting Your Customers

A key component to reducing abandoned checkouts is contacting customers to find out if there are any problems. All of the apps listed above provide tools for doing so. Professional and Unlimited users can contact customers using built-in e-mail tools within the Shopify settings.

You may wish to send abandoned checkout e-mails automatically. This prevents having to constantly review your orders for possible abandonments. To enable automatic e-mails, navigate to Settings> Checkout page. From there go to the ‘Order Processing‘ section where you will have a number of options to choose from:

  • Never – This option tells the software never to send an e-mail to customers who choose not to complete the checkout process.
  • 6 Hours – This option automatically sends an e-mail reminder to the customer six hours after a shopping cart has been abandoned.
  • 24 Hours – This option automatically sends an e-mail reminder 24 hours after abandonment.

Automatic e-mail reminders give customers an opportunity to recover their shopping carts and complete their purchases. E-mail reminders do not always generate positive results, but when they do, it puts money in your pocket and relieves you of the responsibility to manually eliminate abandoned carts and restore your inventory.

Sending E-Mails Manually

Shopify users always have the opportunity to send reminder e-mails manually. In order to do so, navigate to your ‘Orders‘ page and click on ‘Abandoned checkout‘. The new page should show all of the abandoned orders along with permalinks to those orders. You can send an e-mail along with the permalink to encourage the customer to recover the cart and complete the order.

One advantage of sending out manual e-mails is that you can engage customers on a more personal level. Being able to customize e-mail responses on a per order basis gives you an opportunity to chat with your clients and encourage them to recover their orders.

Whether you send automatic or manual e-mails, completing the checkout process will result in the Abandoned checkout page listing the order as having been recovered. Otherwise, those orders will remain listed as abandoned.

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