How to Make Tweeting Directly from Your Shopify Site Possible


Twitter may be the most underutilized social media platform for e-commerce marketing. That’s a shame because there is a lot of marketing power in the short, direct posts required by the Twitter platform. You can integrate Twitter with your Shopify site in a way that enables your customers to quickly tweet any content on your site. This is made possible through a handy little script from Twitter known as Tweet Web Intent.

With Tweet Web Intent, you can signify individual blocks of text within a blog post or advertisement you want people to tweet on your behalf. The text you select is presented on your page as a link that, when clicked, affords the user an opportunity to send that text as a tweet complete with all the usual tools like hashtags and replies. Best of all, it is simple to implement.

Step #1: Add the JavaScript Code to Your Site

Taking advantage of Tweet Web Intent begins by adding some JavaScript code to your site. This can be done in one of two ways. The easiest way is to generate a Twitter button by visiting the appropriate page on the Twitter website. There are four different button styles to choose from.

Creating a button will generate a snippet of code that you can copy and paste anywhere on your Shopify site. If you would prefer to add the JavaScript without creating and displaying a button, just copy the following and paste it into your site:

<script type="text/javascript" asyncsrc=""></script>

Note that you’ll need the script installed on every page where you want Tweet Web Intent to be active. You can achieve support across all of the pages on your site by pasting the code somewhere in your site template that applies to all your pages. The widget sidebar would be a good example.

Step #2: Link Your Desired Text

The second step for taking advantage of Tweet Web Intent can be a bit more complicated if you want to use advanced parameters. In essence, you have to link the text you want people to tweet. If you are already familiar with linking text on your Shopify site, this should be relatively straightforward for simple tweeting and re-tweeting. Any use of advanced parameters will require a little bit more effort.

Here is a list of the four links you can use for basic Twitter functionality:

  • to tweet or reply use:
  • to retweet use:
  • to like a tweet use:
  • to follow a tweet use:

All you need to do is link the chosen text the same way you would enter any other link. You can do this through hard coding or Shopify’s GUI interface. For help with more advanced parameters, visit the following support page from Twitter:

Just by linking text and installing a little JavaScript code on your website, you can encourage your customers to post your content on Twitter.

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