How to Post to WordPress via Email


When it comes to posting content, WordPress is probably the most user-friendly CMS available; however, if you’re looking to publish time-sensitive news stories, it’s important to have a way to post quickly from any device without the need to log-in to WordPress every time. This can be done by posting via email. It may be an old and sparsely used feature, but there is no quicker way of posting to WordPress than with good old email. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do exactly that.

Using Gmail

To post to WordPress via email it is recommended that you have a Gmail account, as this is the safest email client to use. You can get a Gmail account set up in minutes for free by going to Gmail.

Once you’ve created your new email address (the name doesn’t matter), you can begin configuring it to post to WordPress. In your Gmail inbox go to Settings and then “Forwarding and POP/IMAP“. In the “POP Download section” select “Enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded)” and click on “Save Changes“. WordPress uses POP protocol for email postings, so this setting will ensure Gmail is properly configured.

Staying in Settings, you will need to go to “Filters“, select “Create a new filter” and enter your email address preceded by a hyphen in the “From” box so it looks like this: Next, check the box that says, “Delete it” and click on “Create filter“. What this will do is ensure that only emails from your own email address will be sent and everything else will be deleted.

Setting up WordPress

In your WordPress dashboard ( go to Settings > Writing and find the “Post via email” section. There are several fields to complete here. In the “Mail Server” field you should enter ssl:// and next to it, in the “Port” field, the number 995. Under “Login Name“, enter your email address followed by your password and a default mail category if you choose to. Click on “Save Changes” to complete the set up.

After you send an email to WordPress, you will be required to visit in order to get WordPress to check for new emails and publish them. To avoid this, you may consider installing the “Postie” plugin. This can be done by going to Plugins > Add New and entering “Postie” in the search field.


Posting via email is no different to sending a regular email. The post subject will be the title of the post and the content of the email is the body of the article. Email does not allow you to insert pictures or videos directly into your content, so any posts you make will be purely text. If visuals are something you wish to include, you should once again consider the Postie plugin.

Posting via email may not be as valuable as it was pre-smartphones and tablets, but if you need to post in a hurry there is no better way of doing so.

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