How to Schedule Posts and Products in Shopify


Has your Shopify store become so busy that you are having trouble managing your time? If so, you have something to be happy about. Still, you need to get a handle on your time so that you can manage it in the most efficient way possible. Something to consider is scheduling future posts and products when you have the free time to create them.

Let’s say you are planning to introduce a range of new products come January. You have the time now to create your new pages and posts, but you do not want them to go live until after the first of the year. By scheduling ahead of time, you can take advantage of your free time now rather than waiting until January when you may be too busy. Shopify features built-in product and post scheduling for your convenience.

You can create and schedule:

  • new pages for your store
  • blog posts or industry news articles
  • individual products
  • product collections.

Scheduling New Products or Collections

Scheduling future publication of individual products or collections is as easy as can be. Just add the products or collections to your store as you normally would. But rather than immediately publishing them, go to the ‘Sales Channel‘ section and click on the small icon that looks like a calendar.

A new dialogue box will pop up, giving you the opportunity to schedule the exact date and time you want your products or collections published. Just make your selection and click the ‘Save’ button to seal the deal. Now you can sit back and forget about it. The new products or collections will be published right on time.

Scheduling New Pages or Posts

The process for scheduling new pages and posts is similar, but just different enough that we have to cover it. To start with, create your new page or post as you normally would. Rather than immediately publishing it, go to the ‘Visibility‘ section and check the ‘Hidden‘ radio button. You will then see a link that allows you to choose your publishing date.

Click on that link, choose a date and time, and wrap it up by clicking the ‘Save‘ button. Your new page or post will remain hidden until the date and time you chose.

Making Changes to Scheduled Items

There are times when you might choose to schedule a new post, product, etc. only to discover that you want to change your entry prior to the publishing date. That’s fine. Just go to the item you want to change and edit it just as you would any other page, post, or product. Then reschedule it following the same procedures outlined above.

Scheduling is a valuable tool that can help you make the best use of your time. By scheduling products and posts to be published in the future, you can take advantage of the free time you have right now to create those products and posts without having to publish them immediately.

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