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One of the most important parts of successful blogging is consistency. Readers love fresh content and so does Google. If you publish posts on a regular basis, you will keep readers coming back and Google will reward your efforts with a higher search engine ranking. Posting new content consistently gives visitors the security of predictability and the knowledge that they can rely on you. However, what happens when you can’t post? What if you’re away on vacation, or are otherwise engaged?

This is where is pays to plan ahead; write multiple posts in your spare time and save them for future publishing. You can then deliver them to readers on time every time with post scheduling.

Scheduling in WordPress allows you to pick a time and a date for posts to be published, providing readers with their fix whether you have access to your WordPress account or not. Here’s how it’s done…

Scheduling your Posts

To schedule your WordPress posts the first thing you will need to do is write the post. After doing this, instead of clicking on the blue Publish button as you would normally, look for the blue underlined Edit link next to Publish Immediately.

This will then bring up the options to select a time and date when you want the post to be published. You then simply need to enter a date and the required publishing time.

It is important to remember here that WordPress uses a 24-hour (military) clock. What this means is that, if you wish to post schedule a post in the PM, you will need to enter the time based on 24-hour timing. For example, to post at 2:00 PM, you should enter 14:00. WordPress bases the time you enter on your WordPress installation settings; this can be found, and changed, by going to General > Settings. When you are happy with the time and date entered, click on the OK button.

Where the Publish module said Publish Immediately, it will now say Schedule for: the date and time entered. The blue Publish button will have also changed to Schedule. Click on the Schedule button and you’re all done.

Undoing the schedule

If you are unhappy with the set schedule, or have made a mistake in the timing of the schedule, simply click on the Edit button to alter the date and time, or select Cancel to go back to the Publish Immediately option.

If you have an already published post that you wish to remove and automatically repost at a scheduled time, go to Posts > All Posts in the Dashboard, find the post you wish to remove, click on Edit and follow the above instructions.

If a scheduled date has come and gone, log out of WordPress and visit the front page of your blog. You should then see your post published.

As a blogger, it is important to keep your readers happy. By scheduling your posts, you can keep them coming back for more, even when you cannot be there to press Publish!

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