How to Secure WordPress for Your Website


WordPress is the leading content management systems (CMS) in the world. One of the reasons it has become so popular is because of its attentiveness when it comes to security.

For the most part, WordPress will handle security all by itself. As long as you have a strong and secure password that is regularly changed, you have little to fear. But there are steps you can take regarding issues that are out of WordPress’s control.

Understand that security is about stopping a hacker from gaining access through the administration dashboard, which is the front door WordPress zealously guards. It’s also about preventing a hacker coming through your hosting account and your network.

Step 1 – Keep Everything Updated

This is the first and most important step to securing WordPress. The key to WordPress’s success with keeping out hackers is regular updates. Each time the CMS updates to a new version, a hacker has to start any potential brute force hacking process all over again.
The same applies to plugins, which can act as a backdoor to your website if left untouched.

Step 2 – Utilise Two-Factor Authentication

A lot of people have little idea that they can use two-factor authentication for their WordPress site. This will vastly increase the security of your website simply because a hacker would have to do double the work to gain access to your admin dashboard.

An easy way to enable this is to use the Two-Factor Authentication plugin. This plugin allows you to authenticate your sign-in from your phone.

It essentially makes your site foolproof because a hacker would also have to gain access to your mobile phone in order to take control.

Step 3 – Use Secured WordPress Hosting

WordPress does not host itself. In order to function, a WordPress site must be hosted by a reliable WordPress hosting service. By exploiting vulnerabilities in PHP, to give an example, a hacker could destroy your website via your hosting account.

This is why you should choose your host carefully, and if you haven’t inspected your hosted files in a while then now is the time to do it. These are some of the key features any host should have:

  • The latest MYSQL and PHP versions
  • Account isolation – the fate of your account should never be influenced by what’s happening with another account
  • Web application firewall – this works in addition to your computer’s firewall
  • Intrusion detection system – in this situation, an unidentified intruder would face a system automatically shutting down on them before they could cause any damage.

The Latest WordPress News

News on WordPress will keep you abreast of the latest threats. Real vulnerabilities in the system are rare, and WordPress tends to act quicker than most to stop any damage from spreading. This is why over half of the world’s websites are now powered via this platform.

You should also conduct regular security audits of your computer system and network. There is little WordPress can do if a hacker is in control of your network and gains access that way.

It is up to both you and WordPress to work together in order to reduce the chances of a hacker successfully taking control of your website.

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