How to Speed up New Post Creation in WordPress


Experienced WordPress users know that search engines like regular updates. But posting updates can cause you to get bogged down with your site when you should be doing other things. In this post, we will discuss two ways you can speed up new post creation to avoid that bogged down scenario.

Neither idea requires any WordPress updates or additional plugins. We are simply going to use some of the platform’s built-in functionality to our advantage. So let’s get started.

Idea #1: Create Post Templates

Let’s say a website offers a series of blog posts that are all formatted the same way and cover essentially the same topic. For example, a club website may post a preview of their weekly meeting the day before, using a similar format and style for each post. The webmaster could create a template to be used as a framework for the updates.

To create a template, just go to the Dashboard and start a new post. Create your template using the editor as normal, then save your work as a draft rather than a published post. Creating future posts is a matter of opening this draft, copying its contents, pasting it into your new post, and making the necessary edits.

Templates are a big help for site owners who offer formatted content on a regular basis. What’s more, you can produce as many templates as you need to create your content.

Idea #2: Create and Schedule Posts in Advance

You may be the kind of person who starts writing only to find yourself getting into a groove you don’t want to get out of. So why not take advantage of that groove to create multiple blog posts in advance? Even without getting into a groove, you may have ample time for writing on Monday but less time as you go through the week. You can use the handy ‘Publish’ option in the WordPress editor to take advantage of your best times to write.

If you look to the right of the editor window, you will see three options in the ‘Publish’ box:

  • Status – This allows you to save your work as either a draft or a finished post pending review.
  • Visibility – This option allows you to determine whether your post is public, private or password-protected.
  • Publish – This option allows you to specify exactly when you want your new post to go live.

If you were of a mind to create an entire week’s worth of blog posts on Monday afternoon, you could use that ‘Publish’ option to set the date and time each of your posts will be published. This allows you to write them all on Monday, but schedule them to go live throughout the week, one per day. This handy little tool makes it possible for you to take advantage of the time you have set aside for writing so that you are not taking time away from other things the rest of the week.

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