How to Switch from Blogger to WordPress without Losing Rankings on Google


Blogger is an extremely useful blogging platform for the beginner. The downside is you don’t have full control over your blog; it will not take long for you to realize you need to upgrade to something like WordPress.

On the other hand, you don’t want to lose all the hard work you spent working with Google to boost your visibility in the search results. We’re going to show you how to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing ranking on Google.

Step 1 – Export Your Blog

We are going to assume that you already have WordPress installed and the relevant domain name in place. The first step is to get the content from your Blogger blog to WordPress.

Go to your Blogger dashboard and select Settings>Other. You should see a link that will allow you to export your blog. Download your blog and you should have an XML file with all the information on your computer.

Step 2 – Import Your Blogger Content to WordPress

Go to Tools>Import in your WordPress page. Click on the ‘Blogger’ link. Install Blogger on the WordPress importer. Run the plugin and upload your XML file.

What if the file size is too large?

To accommodate this, you should increase your maximum file upload limit. If the file is too small, you shouldn’t receive any errors.

Step 3 – Set Up Your Permalinks

Your permalinks are a major part of how Google ranks your website. WordPress makes it easy to set up urls that are SEO friendly. Since your content has been imported, you should have permalinks match the Blogger style urls.

Go to Settings>Permalinks and select ‘Month’ and ‘Name’ for the proper permalink structure.

Step 4 – Setting Up Redirects

Remember that a significant number of visitors are likely visiting your old URL. It is vital that you have the correct redirects in place. One of your most frequent ‘visitors’ is Google Bot. The key to good redirection is to make people land on the same page they initially wanted to access. It’s also vital for notifying Google that you’ve moved.

Do this on the Blogger dashboard. It should be a permanent redirect. This is as easy as selecting the right option. You can also go to the Template page on the Blog’s settings and alter the ‘Classic Template’.

Step 5 – RSS Directs

Your subscribers are not necessarily going to notice that you’ve made a switch. Your Blogger feed should direct to the feed on your WordPress site. Go to Settings>Other on your Blogger dashboard. You should see an ‘Add Link’ button on Post Feed Redirect URL beneath the Site Feed section. Enter the feed address of your WordPress feed and that’s it.

Step 6 – Import Images to WordPress Media Library

Sometimes certain images are not correctly uploaded to the WordPress media library. You can find these images by looking at your image galleries and comparing them to the ones on your Blogger account. If you notice anything missing, just import these external images.


You will not see any boost in rankings by following these instructions, but you’ll definitely not notice a fall in rankings. This tutorial will ensure that your site will be the same on WordPress as it was on Blogger. The difference is you now have control over every aspect of your blog.

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