How to Use Modules in Joomla! 3.1


Joomla! 3.1 is a great CMS made even better by the vast range of extensions. Modules, in particular, are excellent in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. Modules are basically the bits around the content; templates come bundled with them and there are plenty more in the Joomla! Extensions Directory. In this guide, we’ll show you how to view and move module positions and hide modules.

Viewing a module position

Modules are blocks of code that can be placed in any predefined position in a template. If you have a module that you want to position in a certain place on your site, you will first need to see which positions are available on the template. To do this you will first need to log in to your Joomla! dashboard and go to Extensions > Template Manager.

In Templates Manager click on the Options tab and then the Templates tab. Select Enabled next to the Preview Modules Positions and then Save &Close to confirm the change.

Back in Extensions > Template Manager you will now a small preview icon (a picture of an eye) next to your site template. Clicking on this will let you view module positions.

Moving a module position

Now that you know which positions are available, you can move a module to a different position.

Go to Extensions > Module Manager and find the module that you want to move.

You will then notice a setting called Position and a drop down menu next to it. Use the drop down menu to choose a new position for the module and click on Save to confirm the change.

Hiding a module title

When modules are positioned, they will appear on your website along with their title name, for example “Search”. Titles are not always needed and are not always pleasing on the eye. To hide them go to Extensions > Module Manager and locate the module that you wish to hide the title for.

Locate the Show Title setting, click on Hide and then Save to bring the change into effect.

Hiding a module from certain users

If your website offers exclusive content for registered users, you may wish to hide some modules from non-registered visitors.

To do this, go to Extensions > Module Manager and find the module that you wish to hide. In the module settings, find the one that says Access. By default, this will be set to Public; if you want only registered users to see it you will need to change the setting to Guest and click on Save.

From now on only visitors that are logged in to your website will have access to the specific module.

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