How to Use Shopify-Generated E-Mail for Marketing


Every Shopify user should know that the platform allows for collecting customer email addresses in order to conclude transactions. But did you know that those emails can be used for marketing purposes? They can, and they actually should be. E-mail represents a direct channel of contact to every customer who has logged onto your Shopify site and made a purchase.

In this post, we will discuss two different means of using email information for marketing purposes. Before we get to that, however, below is a list of reasons you should take advantage of email for marketing:

  • E-mail marketing is time- and cost-efficient
  • E-mail is effective if correctly targeted
  • E-mail offers an interactive marketing experience
  • Results are easily tracked and analyzed.

If you are not already using email for marketing purposes, you really should start thinking about doing so. While email marketing may never become the focal point of your strategy to drum up new business, it can still yield very good results if used properly.

Newsletter Subscriptions Via Email

The first means of utilizing email for marketing purposes is to allow customers to sign up for a company newsletter and/or regular promotional emails. What must be understood is that shop owners cannot add customers to a newsletter or email list without their consent. To do this legally, you have to offer a means of consent through your website. The easiest way to do it is to add a consent feature to your store.

You can add a consent statement via the Shopify admin. Navigate to Settings> Checkout, then find the ‘Order processing‘ section. You should see a heading that says ‘Collecting consent to send promotional emails to customers from your store‘. Choose one of the three options under this entry. Once you save your settings, your customers will be offered the opportunity to subscribe – unless you decide to disable the feature.

Direct Email Marketing Campaigns

You can use collected email information to conduct direct email marketing campaigns. You cannot send out bulk emails through the Shopify platform (for legal reasons), but there are other ways to do it. The first option is the many email marketing apps available through the Shopify App Store.

Another option is to sign up for a third-party email service with which you can sync your Shopify email information. Still another option is to export email data and work with your web host provider to set up an automated email list. There are lots of different ways to create email marketing campaigns using the information you collect through Shopify.

You are already collecting emails via Shopify to keep your customers informed about the progress of their orders, so why not use that information to market to them? As long as they consent to receive solicitations from you, email information is a gold mine of marketing opportunities. Shopify already allows you to collect that information; now you just have to put it to good use.

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