How to use WordPress to Generate Leads


If you use WordPress as the foundation of a thriving business website, you already know that the content management system offers a lot of built-in functionality that can be combined with thousands of plugin options to create the kind of site that is best for your business. What you may not know is that maximizing the potential of WordPress goes beyond the mechanics of built-in functions and plugins. It also includes how you use those tools.

For example, your WordPress site can become a lead generation machine without undoing all the hard work you have already put into creating a website that is visually appealing and easy to use. It is a simple matter of taking what you already have and enhancing it with a few extras. We have provided three examples below.

1. Use Landing Pages

A landing page is a unique page on your site that users navigate to by clicking on some sort of external link. Landing pages are frequently used by companies looking to promote a new product or service, introduce readers to a special announcement, or open up access to a new section of the website. Landing pages are so popular that some 68% of companies engaged in B2B commerce use them to generate leads.

You can create occasional landing pages of your own. Post them for a short time, then take them down and work with the leads they generate. You can generate leads by including short surveys or polls that require entering an e-mail address to participate. Another option is to include a comment form on your landing page.

2. Offer Some Freebies

Freebies and special promotional offers are always good lead generation tools no matter what business you are engaged in. The best thing about freebies is that they really do not require any additional marketing to be effective. That’s important in a day and age in which internet marketers say they don’t have enough staff, financial, and time resources to reach everyone they want to reach.

You can offer freebies or special promotional items in exchange for joining an e-mail list or providing contact information for friends and families who might be interested in learning more about your company. You can offer a giveaway that requires contact information to participate. The possibilities are really endless.

3. Encourage Social Media Sharing

If you are producing regular, relevant content for your site (and you really should be) encouraging regular visitors to share your content on social media can open a floodgate of sales leads. Every time your content is shared, the person who shares it represents a point of contact you can follow up with as you see fit.

As a side note, using content as a marketing tool generates up to three times more sales leads as other forms of traditional marketing at the cost of producing the content to be shared. Dollar-for-dollar there may be no better way to generate sales leads using a WordPress website than with blog content.

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