IBM Acquires Toronto Tech Company

For the second time this month (January 2012), IBM has acquired a technology company capable of helping them further their cloud computing services. This time the acquisition involves Toronto-based Platform Computing, a company that created software for cluster and grid management in several different computing environments. The software should be beneficial in developing IBM’s cloud environment in terms of speed and overall computing power.

According to a January 9th 2011 IBM announcement, Platform Computing software helps to optimize data transfer of resource hungry applications involving things like virtual computing, simulation, and data analysis. By adding more speed and power to these applications IBM hopes their software can be instrumental for companies involved in any number of fields including education, energy exploration and production, and media. The acquisition brings nearly 2000 new customers to IBM including more than two thirds of what are considered in the industry as the top 30 organizations in the world.

“The acquisition of Platform Computing will help accelerate IBM’s growth in smarter computing – a key initiative in IBM’s Smarter Planet strategy – by extending the reach of our HPC offerings into the high growth segment of technical computing,” said IBM’s Helene Armitage. “Our intent is to enable clients to uncover insights from growing volumes of data so they can take actions that optimize business results.”

If nothing else, IBM’s recent acquisitions clearly demonstrate the company is serious about becoming a leader in cloud computing. They plan to integrate the Platform Computing software into their own systems first, thereby giving them the necessary experience to help customers who wish to migrate their own systems. In addition, IBM plans to provide ongoing support to Platform Computing’s existing partners.

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