ICANN: Now Is the Time to Get Moving on TLD’s

The world of Internet domain names is on the verge of a new paradigm shift with the application period for new, generic top level domains (TLDs) on the doorstep. Rod Beckstrom, CEO of ICANN, said as much in a recent address to businessmen in Beijing. Beckstrom stressed the need for businesses to begin working on plans for TLDs right now, so they’re prepared for the pending launch. Those who wait too much longer will find themselves falling behind when the applications begin rolling in.

The new domains offer a generic branding that allows various companies and their websites to be more specifically categorized. An example of how the new domains work can be seen by observing the recent launch of the .xxx domain. ICANN expects as many as 4,000 new applications for TLDs within the first hours the domains are available. Already companies are gearing up to purchase certain domains in order to protect their brands.

“Time is short,” Beckstrom told his Chinese audience. “If you have not done so, now is the time to get expert advice and get your marketing people engaged to take advantage of new opportunities. If you need help there are many companies around the world that offer this service.”

Choosing Beijing as the setting for his announcement, Beckstrom took advantage of the Internet savvy of that country’s businessmen. China has played an important part in advancing the concept of a worldwide Internet that doesn’t rely solely on Latin-based characters for domain names. That makes Chinese business a great focal point to underscore the need for the generic TLDs.

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