Tips for Improving Your Site’s Search Engine Performance


You’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a top-notch WordPress site for your business or organization. Now you’re hoping all that work pays off with large numbers of users finding your site and making use of it. But how does that happen, exactly? Hopefully, you are not expecting visitors to stumble onto your site accidentally. Hopefully, you’re going after them through a number of channels, including search engines.

It is rare for people to ‘Google’ something without purpose. People search because they’re looking for information. That suggests you need to improve how well your WordPress site performs on the major search engines. Here’s the good news: it’s not hard to do. Great tips are available across the internet; we have listed just three of them below.

1. Start Doing Keyword Research

Google has this handy little tool that will help you discover what kinds of keywords are searched most often for the business or industry your site is related to. The tool is known as the ‘Keyword Planner’; you can get access to it by signing up for Google AdWords. Don’t worry; you can sign up for free and still use the tool even if you never purchase any ads.

Keyword research using Keyword Planner is as simple as entering a series of keywords and phrases that you believe people might use to search for your site. Google analyzes those keywords and phrases and ranks them according to their order of importance. The ones that are most important are the ones you should be focusing on for your WordPress blog posts and pages.

2. Publish New Blogs Frequently

A lot of WordPress site owners mistakenly believe that volume is the most important thing when updating their sites. It turns out that’s not true. Frequency is where it’s at. In other words, it’s better to post one new blog every day rather than three on one day and then five more at the end of the week.

Search engines care more about the frequency of your updates than their volume. By the way, this applies to word counts as well. Blog posts of 600 words on consecutive days are more valuable than single posts of 1000+ words. The long and short of this is that you should be publishing new content frequently. Frequent updates tell search engines that you’re striving for relevance.

3. Make Your Content Shareable

Our third tip is to make your content shareable by either hard coding your blog posts or using one of the many WordPress plugins for social media. Why is this important? Because social media shares improve search engine performance.

By the way, your visitors can copy and paste your new blog post, but they really don’t want to. Making your content shareable with hard coding or a plugin makes it shareable to numerous social media sites with a click of a button. Make it easy and your readers are more likely to share.

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