Increase Membership by Reminding About Registrations in Joomla


One of the things Joomla users appreciate about the CMS is its ability to efficiently manage members. Nevertheless, how often do you find your site dealing with membership registrations that are never completed after sending the activation e-mail? Truth be told, the problem is as frustrating for potential new members as it is for you. You can solve that problem with a nifty little extension known as RegReminder.

It is not that users are purposely ignoring activation e-mails sent to them. In many cases, it is just a matter of accidentally missing the e-mail when it first comes in. People are so busy, and they get so many junk e-mails, that it is not unusual to accidentally delete or miss an activation e-mail altogether. When that happens, the newly created account exists in a state of limbo until you manage to find and remove it during one of your admin sessions. RegReminder can help by automatically sending activation reminders to new users until the registration process is complete.

Great Extension Features

RegReminder is a useful extension with many great features that go above and beyond just increasing membership by sending out registration reminders. Just check out this short list:

  • E-mail Reminders – When you set up the extension, you can predetermine how many e-mails will be sent out to remind new users to complete the activation process. Let’s just say you choose five. After the fifth e-mail has been sent to Mr. X, no further e-mails will be sent to that address. You can then determine what you want to do with the non-activated account.
  • Automatic Delete – You can set the extension to automatically delete non-activated accounts after receiving so many e-mail reminders. This can save you an incredible amount of time by eliminating the need for you to manually monitor new accounts.
  • Reach Current Users – RegReminder is great as a tool for reminding new members to complete the activation process. However, it is also a superb tool for reaching out to veteran members who have not visited your site for a while. Once again, set up the extension to send out unique e-mails as a gentle reminder to draw visitors back to your site.
  • Limit E-mail Traffic – If you use a server that monitors e-mail traffic and assigns spam or blacklist status once e-mail volume gets too high, RegReminder offers a workaround. It lets you limit your volume of e-mail traffic over a distinct period of time. It allows you to space out your e-mails, so your server does not blackball you.

RegReminder is CAN-SPAM compliant, capable of logging all of e-mail activity and comes with full language support. This is an important extension for any Joomla site owner who relies heavily on membership to drive traffic and support sales. If you are going to the trouble of creating a membership portion of your site, or you have a site that is available exclusively to members only, you cannot afford to be without this extension. It will increase your membership by ensuring more new members complete their registrations while existing members return to your site frequently.

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