Inerol Solutions Unveils Virtual Hosting Service

Web hosting company Inerol Solutions recently launched its virtual private server hosting service. This is a brand new service targeted toward companies of all sizes using a variety of operating platforms, including Linux and Windows.

In total, Inerol has included four upgrade packages. This, they claim, offers more flexibility for companies who anticipate rapid growth.

Robert Nikic, CEO and president, said of the new service, “A VPS is a safe and convenient way to share and store information within a company, all without having to deal with the expense and space associated with setting up an on-site server.”

Mr. Nikic said the option to upgrade was a key part of the product’s value. He also alluded to a migration to cloud VPS hosting in the next year. He said every client would automatically gain this upgrade without having to pay a fee. The president and CEO further said he wanted to lock in client rates and offer additional complimentary features. He did, however, remain silent on what these features were.

Inerol Solutions have priced their hosting plans at a minimum of $9.99 a month. There is no difference in price between the Windows and Linux operating platforms.

Observers say this is a great move, on behalf of Inerol, as it sets them apart from other organisations. Many other web hosts charge differently due to the difficulties in dealing with SPA licencing overheads and Microsoft partners. This, they claim, simplifies things for customers.

The VPS service works alongside numerous operating systems. It works with more common systems like Windows Server 2003 Standard and Slackware 13.1 and Slackware 14.0, but it also works with things such as Debian 6.0 and UBunti 12.10. Having such a range of compatible operating systems will set this VPS hosting service apart from its industry competitors.

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