Infographics are Easy in WordPress


Infographics are a very popular tool for web developers and SEO experts looking to drive traffic to a website. You might want to consider using infographics on your WordPress site even if you are not trying to accomplish specific SEO goals. Users appreciate infographics because these are a source of quick, easily digestible information that is made more understandable by combining it with appropriate graphics.

WordPress makes using infographics as simple as embedding any other image into a page or post. There are three ways to do it, depending on your needs.

1. Embedding Infographics

The easiest way to utilize infographics on your site is to simply create them yourself and then insert them into a post or page from the media library. The process is simple:

  • Create your infographic using your favourite graphics manipulation program.
  • Create a new post or page; insert your infographic using the ‘Add Media’ button in the editor.
  • Configure the infographic with any appropriate links you deem necessary.

The key to creating infographics is to make them both attractive to the eye and easily readable. This is where most non-professionals fall. They fail to take into account that resizing graphics within WordPress degrades their quality, making them difficult to read.

2. Embedding Third-Party Infographics

You may associate with other website owners who work in the same industry or offer information you believe would be helpful to your readers. If so, they may have infographics you can embed in your WordPress site. Any infographics they have created themselves can be utilized the same way as the ones you create. However, if other site owners have enlisted professionals to create the infographics for them, things might be a little bit different.

In either case, the best course of action is to allow the source of the infographic to host it on their server so as to not take up space on yours or eat into your bandwidth. Professional developers make this easy by generating code you can simply copy and paste. This is the likely scenario you will face if you happen to be browsing when you come across an infographic you want to use. Just contact the owner and ask for the code. Then paste that code into your page or post wherever you want the infographic to show up.

3. Embedding Infographics in Other Sites

There might be times when you want infographics you have created to be embedded on another site with proper attribution. There is a lot of code involved in this process, so it is best to use a plugin if you do not know what you’re doing. One of the more popular plugins for this purpose is the Infographics Embedder plugin from Cliff Seal. This plugin automatically generates properly attributed code that you can then give to other website owners who want to use your infographic. Just make sure you upload the infographic to your server so that others have access to it.

Infographics are excellent tools for presenting information to readers. And because WordPress makes using them easy, there is no reason not to have one or two on your site.

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