Integrating Shopify with Pinterest and Why You Should Do It


As a Shopify user, you know that the Shopify platform is one of the most popular and easy to use e-commerce platforms on the web. Shopify is to e-commerce what Pinterest is to pinning. So what if you could integrate the two seamlessly? It turns out you can. Shopify and Pinterest have come together to make it possible for you to integrate Pinterest with your e-commerce platform.

We will explain how to integrate the two in just a moment. But first, you might be wondering why you should do so. We can answer that question in one simple phrase: 100 million users. That’s right, Pinterest is the web’s number one pinning site with more than 100 million users worldwide. That’s quite a customer base for you to access. Integrating Shopify and Pinterest:

  • provides a tremendous amount of exposure
  • enables you to take advantage of social media
  • allows your customers to shop directly from the Pinterest app
  • increases the SEO benefits of social media
  • makes your e-commerce site more attractive to search engines.

Now that you know why you should integrate Shopify with Pinterest let us talk about how to get it done. It starts by adding the Pinterest sales channel to your Shopify platform.

How to Do It

Before you add the Pinterest sales channel, you first need a Pinterest business account. You can create a new account from scratch or upgrade your personal account to business status simply by following the correct links on the Pinterest website. With your business account established, you are ready to set up your own Pinterest sales channel.

To do so, you can visit the Shopify App Store from where you can download and install an app to create your Pinterest buttons, a.k.a. ‘rich pins’. These buttons have to be present within your e-commerce store in order for you to generate sales via Pinterest. You can also create the buttons yourself if you do not want to use an app.

As soon as your very first rich pin is created and posted, your e-commerce site will instantly be integrated with Pinterest. Your customers will be able to begin shopping for your products without ever leaving the Pinterest page. If they find something they like, they can check-out right from there using a credit card or Apple Pay.

A Few Extra Tips

In order to get the most out of Shopify and Pinterest integration, keep track of how each of your rich pins performs in relation to the products they are assigned to. Furthermore, you should:

  • track the volume of your pins and repins over time
  • use plenty of descriptive tags and keywords that accurately describe your products
  • work with bloggers and other Pinterest users to create specific pin boards.

Pinterest is a great platform for reaching targeted customers who enjoy pinning. Integrating your Shopify store with the site is yet another way to grow and expand your business.

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