Interoute Launches Next Generation Firewall Platform

One of Europe’s largest cloud services platforms announced the release of the first Next Generation Firewall platform. It marks a first in the industry and allows customers to view their activities in one real-time view complete with an advanced reporting system.

The new firewall platform appears within Interoute’s cloud and allows companies to see what’s happening within their network firewall whenever they want. It provides up-to-the-second updates and offers full visibility and compatibility with Interoute’s other Managed Security Services.

Most enterprises lost an average of £2.1 million each year due to cybercrime and representatives from the industry hail this new defensive mechanism’s introduction. Enterprises can guard themselves within their own boundaries and respond to threats the moment they appear.

Users can enter the platform through a centralised management control panel. From there they can see everything from hacking attempts to users complying with the company’s specific online policies. If anything untoward becomes apparent, users can hit the ‘Report’ button and send an instant report to the relevant company figure. Organisations can even generate regular reports automatically to enable a constant vigil over the system.

The Security Services Product Manager for Interoute, Jeff Finch commented on the release of the new system: “It is more important than ever to examine web applications and secure the enterprise at every level of the network. Today’s cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated and the attack vectors are crafted to take advantage of business users. Interoute’s Managed Security Services are designed for today’s enterprises, which need to see exactly what’s happening on the corporate firewall as it is happening, rather than having to wait for a report once the damage is already done. An enterprise cannot make informed decisions on its security posture without visibility of its defences. Our strategy recognises the enterprise need for visibility of its security devices.”

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