InterWorx Opens Public Beta Option for New Control Panel

Web hosting provider InterWorx announced it would open a public beta in order for customers to get an early look at the new InterWorx Web Hosting Control Panel 5.0. In addition, the company has also launched a new community section for customers to discuss this latest advancement.

The new control panel will serve as a web hosting management system. Both administrators and clients can use this panel to take full control of their servers. It gives administrators the flexibility and control they need to offer a reliable and scalable hosting environment to their clients.

In the meantime, InterWorx is implementing a selection of minor fixes and features to the InterWorx Web Hosting Control Panel 4.11.4. In terms of its development, InterWorx wants to move to a model that offers multiple tiers and a beta model, so the general public can test new features before they go live.

The organisation has made fixes that improve private IP detection, the data quotas on email accounts, and the way archive extraction works.

InterWorx’s public beta will include all the major features of the new version of the control panel, including IPv6 compatibility.

The company has pledged to continue making changes to the current system. They claim, by adding a new community section, they shall open new debate and encourage participation and dialogue between consumers and developers. Developers working for InterWorx also have their own blog, which they can use to publish content about the current status of the control panel.

The CTO of InterWorx, Paul Oehler, said, “We’re aiming to re-engage our loyal fans with a brand new community section of our web site. We’re seeking a much more intimate level of engagement with our fantastic community of hosting minds, so that we can continue to make InterWorx the best web hosting software that it can be.”

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