iWeb Activates 3,000th Smart Server

Just a year after launching its Smart Servers, Montréal’s iWeb announced the activation of its 3000th Smart Server on October 20. The company’s Smart Servers have been its biggest innovation success to date, built on proprietary Smart Layer technology. Introducing the service last year was a giant step forward in transforming the company from a marginal player into a leading provider of automated web hosting. Since its release a year ago, the iWeb team has been adding new features to allow customers greater control over their servers.

In an official announcement, iWeb President of Products and Technology Martin Leclair said, “We stayed in touch with our customers and developed features that meet their expectations. Customers who buy a Smart Server today will also benefit from any new feature that will be added in the future.

Customers will notice enhanced features through their use of iWeb’s management interface; an interface designed specifically to automate as many tasks as possible while still giving users ultimate control. Most of the past years enhancements have dealt with security issues and ease-of-use in terms of server management. An optional firewall was added along with automatic OS installation, Smart Server isolation, and R1Soft backups.

In order to celebrate their Smart Server success, iWeb plans to hold some sort of promotional contest in the near future. Details of their plans have not yet been worked out. In the meantime, Smart Server customers are encouraged to log onto their control panels and check out any new features they may have missed.

iWeb is a Montréal-based Web hosting provider servicing 25,000 clients all over the world. In addition to standard shared web hosting, the company also offers Smart Servers, VPNs, collocation, and IT infrastructure. They operate four separate data centres with a total capacity of 34,000 servers.

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