iWeb Completes Funio Spinoff

Montréal-based web hosting company iWeb announced on Monday, January 16 2012, the completion of its spinoff of Funio, the company’s shared hosting division. iWeb began the process of making Funio a separate entity last October as a means of streamlining operations so they could focus their attentions on the dedicated server portion of their business. Funio is now a completely separate entity with its own support department, billing department, and brand development.

The spinoff has been a gradual process as iWeb worked to bring Funio personnel up to speed. Throughout the last several months new employees and management have been installed and training has been undertaken. From this point forward Funio will operate as an independent subsidiary of iWeb.

Former shared hosting customers of iWeb will see appropriate software updates and billing being generated in the Funio name. Customers who utilize both shared web hosting and dedicated servers will now be dealing separately with both entities. As inconvenient as that might be to some customers, new Funio president Sylvain Leclair addressed the purpose of separate companies back in October.

“It would be harmful to cling to iWeb’s brand since Funio and iWeb will not target the same markets any more,” he said.  “The goal for Funio will be to build his own brand, its own enterprise culture, being autonomous within the next months, to be closer to our existing customers and potential customers.”

Customers who wish to get a look at all the changes need only visit the Funio website. The company has a brand-new domain name registration interface, a new knowledge base to go along with its support department, online chat support, and many more new features.

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