iWeb Creates New Company as Part of Restructuring Effort

Canada’s iWeb Group continues to surprise industry analysts as it restructures itself and refocuses its vision. Earlier this year the company announced the transition from a publicly owned entity to a private one. Last week, they announced the formation of a brand-new company that will eventually take control of all of iWeb’s DNR and shared hosting programs. When the transition is complete iWeb will be able to focus squarely on the development of its smart server business.

The new company, named Funio, is already up and running under the guiding hand of iWeb. The plan is to develop Funio into an independent entity by sometime in 2012. For now however, it’s operating as part of iWeb in order to make the transition of more than 15,000 existing clients as smooth as possible. So far, the effort has met with a good reception among the company’s existing customers.

In a Q&A session with Web Host Industry Review, former iWeb CDO and new Funio president Sylvain Leclair said, “We have had many positive comments from shared hosting customers on these changes, but we know that other customers are waiting to see what will happen next.  We are now in a transition period until the beginning of 2012, but we are confident that our existing clients will see the difference, since we have so many great improvement projects on our roadmap.”

Funio and iWeb will continue with a close relationship even after the transition and spinoff are complete. Industry experts believe the iWeb brand will be important in helping Funio recruit new customers in the future. Eventually Funio’s domain name reservation and shared hosting services will have to stand on their own, rising or falling based on their own ability to meet customer needs. Only time will tell what the result will be.

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