iWeb Hires Well-known e-Commerce Expert

iWeb, the cloud hosting web giant in Canada, has taken a major step to improve its visibility in the marketplace by hiring Simon Rivard as its new Chief Marketing Officer.

Simon Rivard is of particular interest as he has been connected with some of the major e-commerce success stories of this century. Just some of his successes have come with TD Bank, Quebecor Media, and Desjardins where he worked in similar roles.

iWeb President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) put out a statement on the iWeb website that said: “The growth of any business depends on the effectiveness of its go-to-market strategy and its marketing ability,” The COO went on to say that one of the main reasons why Mr. Rivard was hired was due to his 25-year portfolio of successful sales and marketing strategies.

What was highlighted was the fact that the new Chief Marketing Officer thinks big and is able to develop a wide range of different products and services. The fact that he shares the values and the culture that surrounds the iWeb company is also a major boon.”

This is major news for iWeb, which was named as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies for a fifth year running. In addition to that, the Internet and hosting research company, Netcraft, which is based in the UK, touted iWeb as having one of the most reliable IP networks in the world. Mr. Rivard, said that this was part of the reason why he joined the organisation. He elaborated by saying: “iWeb is essentially an entrepreneurial structure that has the means of its ambitions.”

As iWeb reaches closer to the major milestone of having 20,000 managed servers on its books, customers can expect to see a greater range of products and a superior service under the marketing rule of Mr. Rivard.

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