iWeb Project Expansion Launched

iWeb, the webhosting provider which was recently named Canada’s 82nd fastest growing company, announced it would be expanding its operations at the Montreal-located Nun Island colocation facility.

The company announced it would be doubling its electrical footprint and was expecting to complete the project before the spring of 2013. Once the project has been completed it would have expanded its hosting capacity to 1200kW, from 600kW.

iWeb announced the expansion to coincide with its 16th birthday celebration, as well as to celebrate the appointment of marketing heavyweight Simon Rivard to the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer position.

A blog post released by the hosting provider described how the expansion would take place in two stages to minimise any potential inconvenience to customers. They described how the first phase of the expansion would replace the twelve air conditioning units it currently uses. The newest energy efficient users are going to act as replacements. The blog post described how these new units would minimise energy consumption by adapting to the colder climates of Montreal.

The second, and final, phase of the project would involve upgrading the Hydro-Quebec electrical entrance, installing a fourth UPS, and implementing a third generator to power these new additions.

iWeb currently estimate the first phase of the project will be completed by the end of 2012, with the final phase being completed by spring of 2013. A virtual web tour has been released on the iWeb website to give interested users a taste of what the facility will be like once all the work has been carried out.

Statistics have shown how iWeb is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, and these changes are expected to demonstrate its commitment to continued growth. Customers can expect to benefit from a superior service after these additions have been implemented.

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