iWeb’s Network Listed 2nd Most Reliable In August 2011

For the past year, iWeb’s Network has ranked in the top ten of Netcraft’s most reliable web hosting list. In August 2011, iWeb.com reached the second spot in this prestigious list. This is fabulous news for the 25,000 customers of this Canadian firm. iWeb was founded in 1996 and employs over 200 specialists which ensure that the networking platform is up and running 24 hours and seven days a week. The customers of this global company span 150 countries and various time zones. In September of 2011, iWeb received another $12.5 million in funding, making them a solid leader in the growing website hosting industry.

Netscape’s analysis takes into consideration outage time, percentage of failed requests, DNS lookup steps, connect time and first byte – a measurement which is used to determined the responsiveness of network resources. Then these numbers are combined to come up with an overall average comparing them to other hosting companies.

Failed requests for iWeb and the hosting company at the top were exactly the same. Reliability of routing is determined by the failed request score, to customers this is more important that outages, but in the case where failed requests for two companies are determined to be the same, connection times are used to cut the tie. This means that that the hosting company at the top only won by a sliver.

Netcraft an Internet services company, is based in Bath, England and conducts monthly surveys to analyze services provided by companies on the internet.

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