IX Web Hosting Announces $1 Domain Names

Earlier this month (February 2012), Ohio-based IX Web Hosting announced a new offer for domain name registration at just USD $1. The announcement was made through the company’s official blog written by company founder Fathi Said. There’s been no timetable set for the end of the promotion so as it stands, it is open-ended. Current IX Web Hosting customers can register as many domains as they want for $1 apiece.

According to Said, the purpose behind the promotion is to encourage customers to activate a feature known as Whois Privacy. In fact, in order to get the one dollar deal customers must sign up for Whois Privacy at a price of $14.95 per month. The service is a means of protecting the identity of domain name owners from spammers, hackers, and criminals that would benefit from being able to see publicly available information.

Right now anyone can enter a domain name into a Whois search and find out the name, address, telephone number, and IP address assigned to that domain. All of that information is a virtual gold mine for hackers who can use it to illegally access Internet servers. Whois Privacy protects that information by displaying a simple generic message in place of sensitive data. IX Web Hosting is trying to promote the use of Whois Privacy as a means of protecting its customers.

“As you can imagine, offering domains for $1 is below our cost, so we’re actually losing money on it,” wrote Said in his blog post. “We’re definitely not going to keep this offer up forever; we just want to make a limited offer to people who know a great deal when they see it.”

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