JaguarPC Upgrades its Critical Infrastructure to Meet Demands of the Future

On the March 5th, 2012, web hosting provider JaguarPC, revealed that it had made a number of key upgrades to its infrastructure in order to meet the demands of the future.

It’s no secret that a successful web hosting provider has to maintain the best performance possible at all times, and that’s why JaguarPC has upgraded its infrastructure as the growing needs and demands of its customers are only going to put more pressure on the system.

The upgrades to key pieces of hardware are expected to allow the company to better deliver its services, as outlined in its service level agreement. The press release released by JaguarPC claimed that the company had increased the standard of both the front and back-end of its hosting network.

The CEO, Greg Landis, of JaguarPC commented on why the company had upgraded its hosting capabilities: “It doesn’t matter if you choose a shared web hosting plan or a reseller hosting service – web hosting that is inaccessible or slow can turn visitors and customers away. We owe it to our customers to make sure that their web presence is always available, and to ensure continuous availability, we must provide the best network for the job. That’s why we review our network setup regularly, and that’s why we’ve chosen a range of upgrades focused on both speed and reliability.”

The changes outlined by the company included: the inclusion of a Gigabit Ethernet back-end to provide data transfer at rates of up to 1 gigabit each second, more network providers and backhauls for faster transmission of data, and new switching hardware so traffic is directed at a much faster rate.

A new KVM was also added over all IP systems so customers of the company could become more independent as they wouldn’t have to rely on support staff inside a physical data building anymore.

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