Jelastic Launches 1.9 Java and PHP Hosting Platform

Hosting provider Jelastic has made a big impression by releasing version 1.9 of its PHP and Java hosting platform. The news comes only a week after announcing a partnership with ServInt, which will supply its platform through its own sales channels.

Jelastic version 1.9 offers a new and improved pricing model, emphasising flexibility and value for money. It will also include NGINX caching, Maria DB and Tom EE 10.0.0, and full FTP support.

The Jelastic PaaS platform, and its successes, has acted as the main foundations for this new platform. It aims to build on the strengths of this platform by bringing it to the forefront of hosting technology.

The hosting company has become a major player in its local hosting markets through partners in these areas. Since October 2011, it has garnered over 40,000 users in a diverse range of countries including the UK, Canada, the United States, Russia, and Japan.

The company has long taken the angle of offering greater flexibility than other commercially available platforms. What it gives to developers is a lack of boundaries and fewer limitations. It allows them to adapt their creations to their needs and requirements.

Clients who use the platform can upload and roll out their application within just a few minutes. It can implement practically any application that uses PHP or Java, and it does this without imposing any code changes.

Developers have also praised it for its scalability. The platform automates itself to adapt to the number of users. It can draft in additional resources, if required, and it reduces these resources when the necessary load decreases.

Jelastic 1.9, and the position of the company, will surely contribute to a greater level of growth. The organisation now has a solid base in which it can market itself to, and observers expect this to become the crucial factor.

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