Lansing State Journal Praises Liquid Web Incubation Scheme

The Lansing State Journal has praised Liquid Web’s new incubation scheme to help small businesses in a feature piece that focused on boosting companies in the Lansing region.

The article took the stance of criticising the fact entrepreneurship was not considered as a viable option by many parents in the region. In total only 20 per cent of Americans are self-employed. Liquid Web has worked to encourage start-ups in the web hosting and consulting industry.

Liquid Web has made a name for itself as a new start up. They have won the INC 5000’s fastest growing companies award for six years in a row, up until the end of 2012. The company said it was determined to help other companies follow in its footsteps.

This is an initiative built on top of their recent investment in local education. They have set money aside for high school students to learn about computer programming and other technical subjects. Moreover, they have committed to employing new talent from the local area.

The company’s incubator scheme offers $25,000 to web hosting companies it deems likely to experience rapid growth in the future. The $25,000 can go towards any business expenses, including employing local people, renting out a business premises, and marketing their new services.

Liquid Web will also work closely with these companies to advise them in the ways of the industry and helping them to grow and reach their potential.

Observers have praised the web hosting company for doing its best to promote local issues and contribute to the regional economy. This is why they have such a strong foothold in certain regions around the US and Canada. In addition, it is an attitude the other major players in the web hosting industry have yet to take.

Investors predict the organisation can benefit from the new talent and new partnerships as these young companies begin to flourish.

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