Latest Survey: Apache Up, Microsoft Down

The latest web survey results are just out from Netcraft and it doesn’t look good for Microsoft. The monthly survey measures server use to find out what the world’s Internet servers are using to run their platforms. According to the latest numbers Apache continues to be the market leader with 65.5%. Apache had the single largest increase as well last month (March 2012), gaining nearly 23 million host names. They gained some 22 million during in March. In second place, with 69.9 million host names was nginx.

As for Microsoft, they gained 3.5 million host names but still declined in total market share. The Redmond, Washington-based company was hoping to do better with the release of the beta version of Windows Server 8. But since beta versions are typically deployed on a limited basis rather than across large platforms Microsoft’s expectations were probably a bit overzealous. A true test of how the platform does won’t come until this summer or fall.

According to the Netcraft survey 278 sites were found containing the Windows Server 8 header. Yet Netcraft maintains a good number of those servers are really running Linux, suggesting either forged headers or proxy servers. Netcraft did not offer any possible explanation for their findings. At the same time, if Windows Server 8 doesn’t jump out of the gate as planned later this year it could be a severe blow to their future plans for servers. This latest edition from Microsoft was touted as being the product that would surpass Linux hosting once and for all.

By the numbers, the April survey saw a total increase of more than 32 million host names on survey responses from 676.9 million websites.

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