Liquid Web adds SSDs to Smart Servers Line

Fresh on the heels of adding solid-state drives (SSD) to its Storm on Demand cloud service, Web hosting company LiquidWeb announced the SSD’s are being added to its Smart Servers line as well. The SSDs are being added to give increased performance with lower power consumption for customers with specific high-performance hosting needs. The benchmarking data provided by the company earlier this month seems to indicate that their SSDs are a perfect fit for Smart Servers.

LiquidWeb’s Smart Servers is a cloud hosting platform which allows customers to add a wide range of features into a dedicated VPS environment. By adding the SSDs the company is ostensibly increasing performance by reducing bottlenecks. Since the SSDs achieve access times and I/O rates impossible for a standard disk drive to accomplish, more of a server’s CPU power can be redirected away from disk access to where it’s needed most.

“We host a number of users operating High Performance web applications, large databases and indexes, as well as environments in which data is subject to frequent access and requires power and flexibility,” liquid Web CEO Matthew Hill said in the company’s official announcement. “After our test uncovered the type of unprecedented performance we were expecting, I’m proud to report that Smart SSD is exactly what they’ve been waiting for.”

Customers interested in seeing test results from can log onto the company’s website and check their blog section. There they publish the results of comparative tests between their new Smart SSD, one of their Smart VPS systems, and a comparable system from Amazon.

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