Liquid Web Announces Updated OSs

Liquid Web, the web hosting company based in Lansing, Michigan, recently announced the completion of a re-engineering project which includes new Smart Server support and upgraded operating systems. The project was designed to provide customers with all the up-to-date tools, resources, and controls compatible with the current life cycles of its various operating systems. Those OSes, which have all been upgraded as well, include Ubuntu 11.10, Debian 6.0.3, Arch Linux 2011, and Cent OS 6.2.

The announcement, which was made through the company’s blog, speaks extensively about the individual improvements brought to each operating system. Furthermore, CEO Matthew Hill implies not so subtly that the Smart Server upgrade is in response to customer demand. He referenced the “loud voice” of the company’s customer base in stating that Liquid Web intends to continue developing its Smart Servers with them in mind. At the end of the blog the company asks for customer feedback regarding the new changes.

“Undertaking such a significant re-engineering effort on our Smart Servers…has allowed customers access to a full palette of features on one of the most innovative server products in the hosting world,” the blog states. “We look to continue listening to our users’ powerful voice as we upgrade and improve the capabilities of Smart Servers.”

Liquid Web is an international web hosting company serving in excess of 20,000 customers in more than 120 countries. Their main data centres are located in Lansing, while a new centre was recently added in Phoenix, Arizona. The company provides shared and dedicated hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), smart servers, and reseller services. All of it is kept up and running by their 24/7/365 heroic support.

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