Liquid Web Anticipates New Database Acceleration Product

Liquid Web is anticipating a new addition to its database infrastructure services. One of its software providers, ScaleArc, has just filed a patent that would give them the rights to use specialised database acceleration technology.

The successful licencing is already helping the company in what are potential new products for the near future.

ScaleArc helps Liquid Web by optimising its databases for availability, scalability, and performance. It announced that the patent had been filed successfully at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent portfolio protects the company’s database acceleration technology, which includes its connection pooling creation.

Other technologies covered by the patent include query routing and technologies, and its unique method for reading and writing splits.

The founder and chief executive officer of ScaleArc, Varun Singh, said, “ScaleArc iDB was built to solve the challenges facing high-growth relational database environments by providing database traffic management, dynamic clustering, transparent caching, and more, to accelerate database performance and improve uptime.”

He went on to say this strengthened the company and would help it better work with its clients in future. This is one of many similar patents ScaleArc is pursuing.

The company’s technology works with cloud-based companies. This makes it a natural business partner for Liquid Web. They also work with major corporations such as Amazon.

Liquid Web wholeheartedly supports the patents being filed by the company. By licencing and protecting them, the web host can use any new products and offer its customers an enhanced service. These new technologies put it ahead of its competitors and attract customers who want more direct control over their operations.

Observers say it is vital the web host continues to remain on the cutting edge of new technologies. After recently making a pledge to help the next generation of developers in Michigan, this forms the foundations for a strong base of customers and the staff members needed to service them going forward.

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