Liquid Web Cuts Storm Platform Bandwidth Costs

Liquid Web has announced that it has significantly reduced the bandwidth pricing for its Storm platform. These cuts apply to customers new and old and include its block storage, VPS, and SSD cloud options.

To many, the move comes as a surprise as Liquid Web recently upgraded its Storm platform with cross-mounting and scaling capabilities. Customers can now read and write data both ways from a single data store.

The new pricing structure means clients of Liquid Web no longer have to pay fees for inbound data transfers. They still have to pay for outbound data transfer, but the new pricing states each user gets 5 TB free of charge. Overall, this is an 80 percent saving on its original pricing structure.

Customers already on the old pricing structure have had their pricing structure adjusted automatically to reflect these changes.

The company claims it can reduce prices after its network improvements and additional peering partners enhanced the Liquid Web network. The organisation now has links with companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

Matthew Hill, current CEO and founder of the web host, said, “One of the goals we hope to accomplish by constantly seeking improvements for our network and allocating additional peering partners – aside from the obvious uptime and connectivity we achieve – has always been to increase the value of our service for our customers.” He continued to speak on the subject of pricing plans, “Many providers’ pricing plans offer what ends up constituting as a ‘premium’ for low usage rates. With these changes, we further separate ourselves from this mindset by ensuring that we’re offering the lowest possible price at all usage levels.”

Liquid Web’s rapid upgrades, combined with these pricing plans, are all part of its major strategy going forward in 2013 to attract more customers and build more partnerships to enhance its service.

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