Liquid Web Encourages New Talent in Michigan

Travis Stoliker, the Director for Marketing at Liquid Web, recently led the campaign to encourage more young technology enthusiasts in Michigan to sign up for the Computer Science Academy.

The Computer Science Academy, conducted through the Ingham Intermediate School District, targets high school students who are considering what they want to do for the future. Liquid Web wants to take advantage of these students who will become the next generation of technicians.

Liquid Web said it wanted to raise awareness of computer science. Lately, the company has also sponsored billboards promoting the program for both students and parents.

Stoliker said how the program incorporates both education and practical experience. He said it helps young people become young adults in an environment that allows them to experience the realities of working in the industry.

Liquid Web is a growing company in North America. It is building multiple data centres and is already looking to hire new talent. According to the company, they believe in preparing for the future early.

Students who enrol on Liquid Web’s program will spend their time learning about applications used today, as well as some of the projects planned for the future. During this time, they will shadow professionals and apply their knowledge in the real working world.

Liquid Web is also responding to the lack of qualified candidates in the Michigan technology industry. Since the demise of the auto industry in this area of the United States, it has experienced a brain drain. ManPower’s Talent Survey for 2012 stated technology-based roles are one of the three hardest positions to fill.

Observers say participating in such programs now potentially takes away revenues from the company. They do admit it can help them in the long-term because it is likely to create brand loyalty and give them the pick of the best students in the next few years.

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