Liquid Web Expands Reseller Services

Liquid Web has expanded its range of reseller services by offering the WHMCS plugin. This allows resellers to integrate their accounts with the Storm Platform.

The company expects customers to benefit from being able to resell Bare-Metal, Storm on Demand, SSD VPS, and Liquid Web VPS products with greater ease. Some customers had complained about the lack of integration before.

Reseller customers can easily automate many menial tasks, including cancellation requests, emails, and deployment of services. They can also integrate merchants into Maxmind, PayPal, and eNom.

VPS deployments can be automated and pre-figured for the reseller’s customers. They can also make sure specific services are attached, such as load balancers. This allows for greater control over their services.

Customers also benefit from this plugin. When they purchase a service, they can enter the client area and review their bandwidth and other information in a simple management interface. They can take control, and reboot or restore their servers.

Overall, Liquid Web said the WHMCS plugin makes reselling simpler than ever before. It runs throughout the whole billing, support, and installation processes. It is a far more efficient answer to many of the reselling concerns customers raised in the past.

This tool has been available for use with Liquid Web products previously. It did lack some of the automation features, though. Those resellers will benefit from these updates.

A spokesperson for the company said on the Liquid Web website that it would add value to the services on offer from resellers. They said the company hoped it would convince more resellers to sign up with Liquid Web.

This is the latest in a number of new platforms and plugins in recent weeks.  Just recently, the company announced a new mobile platform. Observers predict this latest move will make Liquid Web even more competitive in the web hosting industry.

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