Liquid Web Incubator Program Helps Backstitch Expand

Liquid Web Inc., the Michigan-based premium hosting provider, has seen the fruits of its Incubator program via the latest update of customizable homepage service Backstitch, CBS Detroit has reported.

The Incubator Program, which was set up by Liquid Web to provide help to start-up ventures and entrepreneurs, has proven successful for a number of fledgling companies, none more so than Detroit-based Backstitch.

Having received several positive reviews from respected tech blogs, including TechCrunch, the customized homepage tool has slowly been gaining a following – no doubt helped by users of iGoogle that are looking for an alternative to the service, which closes at the end of this month.

Backstitch has benefitted greatly from Liquid Web’s Incubator Program, which has allowed the start-up to handle the increased traffic through its powerful hosting.

“The freedom to utilize the Liquid Web’s excellent hosting products has opened the door to a faster, easier and more powerful offering for our users,” said Backstitch co-founder Jordan Warzecha to CBS.

“With access to onsite staff, 24/7, they also have kept up with the long hours we’ve put in to achieve these advancements with Backstitch 2.0.”

Backstitch said that it is confident that its partnership with Liquid Web will help its service grow in the coming months and years, advancing the company’s mission to “reduce the noise of individuals’ online lives.”

The new update includes a host of new features, such as a filter bar for advanced search, multiple platform capability, and the automated organization of content. Backed by Liquid Web, we are sure to see what is already a great service become even better.

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