Liquid Web Intros 59-Second Customer Call Response Time

Managed hosting provider Liquid Web has added a 59-second response time for customer phone calls and live chat requests to its customer service team.

For a long time the company has branded its support services as “heroic” and have what they call the “heroic promise” which is guaranteed to every customer. The new phone and live chat support response time raises the bar in customer support once again and is another step to what Liquid Web say is “the battle to make downtime an extinct concept.”

In a company blog post this week, Liquid Web provided an overview of the updated Heroic Promise:

  • 30 Minute Helpdesk Initial Response
  • 59 Second Telephone Initial Response
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • 100% Power Uptime
  • 59 Second Livechat Initial Response
  • 30 Minute Hardware Replacement
  • Pricelock Guarantees
  • 1000% Compensation Credited Exceeding Our SLA Commitment!

In addition to this is the promise of 1000% compensation for downtime in the event that Liquid Web is ever unable to uphold their Heroic Promise. The blog post goes on to say, “if you wait even six minutes past our guarantee, you’re credited for a full hour. While many hosts will credit you for downtime, we are so confident in our Heroic Support we offer literally 10x the amount of credit exceeding our SLA commitment. In addition to the response times addressed in our Heroic Promise, this also includes 100% uptime and pricelock guarantees.”

Speaking to CBS Detroit, Liquid Web founder and CEO Matthew Hill said, “”We take great pride in offering a level of support that goes above and beyond anything our customers have ever experienced. Our recent support stats have been eye opening in a very positive way and that allowed us a level of comfort in offering our users something we’d never seen anywhere else.”

Guarantees like Liquid Web’s will certainly go a long way in retaining and building their customer base.

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