Liquid Web Looks for New Talent with Scholarships

In conjunction with a federal grant through the E-Pathways organisation, Liquid Web is looking to employ new talent in the Mid-Michigan area.

In recent years, there has been a serious shortage of talent in the area. Liquid Web will actively monitor the results of the new scholarship program for potential new talent. The marketing and sales director for Liquid Web, Travis Stoliker, said finding the right candidates is a challenge.

Most candidates asked said they couldn’t afford the cost of advanced training due to not having a job.

The Capital Area Michigan Works and Capital Area IT Council and Liquid Web partnered recently. The first test of the partnership will come as the agency has made 15 $5000-dollar scholarships available for unemployed and underemployed candidates.

The program consists of a three-week crash course in the Linux Operating System. Candidates will attend the Lansing Community College for the duration of the course.

Michigan Works claimed the object of these scholarships is to train candidates so Liquid Web will take them on as full-time employers.

Andrea Ragan, the executive director of the Capital Area IT Council, said the reason for creating the scholarship was, “It’s based on the interest level and the enthusiasm, because what the IT sector really needs in good employees is excitement.”

Following the scholarship, students who still want to work for Liquid Web must pass the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Exam. Only after this will Liquid Web judge whom they want to hire.

The decision to play a role in the implementation of this scholarship is a sign, to many observers, of Liquid Web consolidating its position in this part of the US. Many see it as a way to breed local talent and become a major force within the region.

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