Liquid Web Offers New Hybrid Hosting

Liquid Web is offering new hybrid hosting packages to people who want to take advantage of the cloud while retaining control of their dedicated hardware.

In the web hosting industry, hybrid hosting has grown in popularity over the past two years. Liquid Web is offering this these packages so customers can still use their Storm Servers while using the cloud to store files and maintain a strong level of security.

These packages can still interact with functions like the load balancer. Liquid Web claims it allows unrivalled flexibility while letting customers scale their operations up and down as demand changes.

What the company flaunted most was the fact that it took the benefits of both dedicated hardware and the cloud and combined them into this package. Some of the benefits of Liquid Web’s new hosting options include pay-as-you-go features, unlimited server customisation, load balancers, and bigger memory capacities.

The web host touched upon the security options. Every client using hybrid hosting can continue to take advantage of a dedicated firewall. Liquid Web’s high-level firewall receives regular updates to defend against the latest threats.

Observers say this resolves a major problem in the web hosting industry. There is no doubting standard hosting servers offer strong performance, but they lack the personalisation. Hybrid hosting offers both of these things.

They also said it could help Liquid Web compete with bigger companies that have already implemented hybrid hosting. The decision to incorporate hybrid hosting sees the North American-based host expand its portfolio of services yet again. It is another major expansion this year, coming on the back of its new data centres throughout the US.

Liquid Web said it would help its customers decide on what package is suitable for them by speaking to them. The sales team, according to the company, will independently assess each interested party’s needs and make a suggestion based on feedback.

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