Liquid Web Offers Street View Tour of Data Centre

Web hosting provider Liquid Web has found a novel way of unveiling its new Michigan data centre. It will offer a Google Street View tour through the facility, allowing customers to walk through its new centre from anywhere in the world.

Liquid Web appears to be taking inspiration from Google. Google conducted a North Carolina data centre tour in 2012. During this tour, they had a selection of Easter eggs, such as a stormtrooper hiding inside. The web host is also launching its own competition in a weeklong scavenger hunt, which will see customers compete for a grand prize of $500.

Although it is offering the competition to users, the company’s main inspiration is to highlight the upgrades it has made to its hardware. It wants to position itself as one of the main North American web-hosting providers.

The competition itself will last one week and players must discover three different items hidden in the tour. Each day at 1pm, Liquid Web will release a clue that needs decoding. Decoding the clue correctly will lead players to the hidden item. The winner will be announced on the Friday at 1pm.

Other prizes on offer include free web hosting packages and access to merchandise in the Liquid Web shop.

In related news, the company hinted at other major expansions in the near future. It said Liquid Web was not done expanding and still had a need to increase its physical capacity. As well as installing new data centres in the US and Canadian markets, it has taken steps to unveil its product to the European market.

Observers expect this tour and competition to go down well with customers. If it exceeds expectations, the company intends on repeating the competition within its other facilities as and when they open.

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