Liquid Web Promoting New Interface with Contest

Liquid Web, the US-based web hosting provider located in Michigan, just announced last week the release of their brand-new management interface known for now simply by its web address, But that’s going to change fairly soon thanks to a naming contest the company is holding in conjunction with rolling out the new platform. At stake in the contest is a free Kindle Fire for the person who comes up with the most creative name.

Liquid Web developed the new platform in-house with the goal of making the user management experience more efficient and enjoyable. The platform streamlines many of the functions performed by Liquid Web’s users and brings modern controls to the way accounts are managed. The new management interface is now available to both current customers and any new accounts set up in the future.

Among the functional improvements, Liquid Web has included direct access to a cloned server, one click resizing, user directed migrations, infrastructure control through API Access, easier networking controls, and an integrated firewall. The addition of most of these features means that users have direct access to many controls previously unavailable to them. Moreover the new management interface blurs the line between managed Web hosting solutions and more traditional programs. It also opens up the door to greater flexibility required by cloud computing and hybrid hosting.

The naming contest will end on October 8, 2011.

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