Liquid Web Rolls out Storm on Demand Price Reductions

Current customers of Liquid Web’s Storm on Demand cloud hosting service will begin seeing significant cost reductions thanks to a new pricing structure announced last week. Beginning October 20, current and future Storm on Demand customers will no longer have to pay for incoming data, while the outbound pricing has been reduced by more than 60%. Outbound data transfer cost $.15 per GB prior to the change; it has been reduced to a mere $.05 per GB. When you combine the total savings for both inbound and outbound traffic, customers will realize that prices are now 80% lower.

The drastic price reduction is due in part to state-of-the-art network improvements designed to accommodate Storm on Demand’s growth. The improvements implemented by Liquid Web have significantly expanded total capacity and added a number of new peers. Storm on Demand is now part of a peered network that includes names like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and FaceBook. By extending the network so extensively, Storm on Demand is succeeding in its commitment to improve capacity and infrastructure, while at the same time reducing prices.

Storm on Demand is the cloud hosting arm of Liquid Web. They utilize a pay-as-you-go pricing system which allows customers to better manage their budgets and avoid paying for bandwidth they are not using. When you purchase service from Storm on Demand, there are no tiers and no minimum inbound and outbound requirements. You pay only for the bandwidth you’re using – nothing more, and nothing less.

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